Welcome to Froggie Swim School

At Froggie Swim School we offer a fun, safe environment and only the best quality swimming instruction classes with facilities in Pretoria East (Garsfontein) and Centurion.

We offer swimming lessons for 6 month old babies to advanced stroke swimming for adults.

At Froggie Swim School you can learn to swim and enjoy a wide range of safe water activities. The programme is specially designed to assist babies, toddlers, young children and adults to:
Froggie Swim School
  • Develop Confidence
  • Enjoy a wide range of safe water activities
  • Fun activities leading up to water skill development & water safety 
  • Appropriate method for development stages such as physical, social, emotional and intellectual
  • High level of trust between teacher, child & parent as well as constant professional guidance

We offer the following programmes at Froggie Swim School:

  • Infant Swimming Classes
  • Learn to Swim (Beginners)
  • Stroke Development Classes
  • Nanny / Domestic Worker Swimming Classes 
  • Adult Swimming Classes (Learn-To-Swim)
  • Triathletes and Ironman Triathlon
  • Pool Parties

Froggie Swim School

Our highly qualified teachers follow the necessary guidelines to get your child swimming happily and confidently.

Froggie Swim School

We are Affiliated and Accredited to Swimming South Africa.